Backlight Replacement Displays for Korg,Kurzweil,Akai,Roland Keyboards and Rackmounts



NEW! We now have LED based bright blue displays with white text! Long lasting replacement display for Korg 01/w, Wavestations, Kurzweil K2000, K2000R at great prices ! With whole lcd/ribbon cable assemblies.

We carry new lcd replacement backlights for the following displays:

Korg 01/W, Wavestation, Wavestation Ex, Wavestation A/D, Korg O1R/W, Korg 01/w, 01/WproX, 01/WFD, 01/Wpro Korg T1, T2, T3, Wavestation, Wavestation Ex, Korg A2/A3,Kurzweil k2000/k2000r 

Akai s1000,s1100,s2800  Akai s900,s950.

If you do not see the backlight you are looking for on the list, email us with your request and we can usually find a match for it.


Whole LED white text on blue background lcd and ribbon cable attachment for Korg 01W and Wavestation,Korg T1,T2,T3 ...$89.00 USD

Whole LED white text on blue background lcd and ribbon cable attachment for Rackmount Models Wavestation A/d, Wavestation 01r/W, Yamaha TG77 ...$89.00 USD

Korg 01/W backlight including 01r/W, 01/WproX, 01/WFD, 01/Wpro backlight ---------------- $30 USD

Korg Wavestation, Wavestation Ex, Wavestation A/D  backlight---------------------- $30 USD

Korg i2/i3   backlight---------------------------------- $30 USD

Korg A2/A3 backlight-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$30 USD

Korg x3/x3r backlight-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$15 USD


Kurzweil K2000, Kurzweil K2000r backlight-------------------------------------------------------------------$30 USD


Kurzweil K2000 LED Lcd Whole Display with Ribbon Cable-------------------------------------------------------------------$89.00 USD


Akai s900/s950 backlight---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$30 USD

Akai s1000/s1100, s2800 backlight__-------------------------------------------------------$30 USD


Emu e64,e6400,eIV backlight------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$30 USD

Emu EII,sp12,sp1200 backlight------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$23 USD

Emu Esi-32 backlight------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$24 USD


Roland D-550 backlight------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$27 USD

Roland Juno 1 and 2 backlight------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$24 USD


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